Customs Clearance & Consultancy

Hassle-free importing with our customs clearance services

We offer freight customs clearance management for all our international freight forwarding services, to ensure each consignment reaches its destination without delay.

No matter which customs regime, we have the experience and the expertise to clear your goods in an instant.

We Know The Rules So You Don’t Have To

Our many years of experience and the expertise is there to benefit you, and leave you free to concentrate on other matters. We collect and deliver worldwide door-to-door, providing all the necessary documentation and customs requirement for shipments arriving into Australia by air or sea.

We’ll pre-arrange Import Customs clearance at all Australian ports to avoid any undue delays to the freight once it has arrived. We will also arrange Customs entries to be submitted accurately and timely to speed your shipments on their way, avoiding any unnecessary delays to your exports.

Consultation Available For All Our Clients

We provide our clients with the personal approach they are searching for, but at the same time we are experienced enough to successfully handle import and export queries for shipments all over the world. Our company promise ensures that all our clients will receive a first class service whatever service they require from us.

We’re particularly well-versed in customs matters. The technical knowledge of our team spans many different industries – Manufacturing, Automotive, Building and Construction, Marine, Textile, Clothing and Footwear (TCF), and high-tech among them.

Our in-depth knowledge of special Customs status goods allows us to assist you satisfying any regulatory bodies. We take special care to ensure that our import clients understand their role as importer, complying with all government agency requirements, and the many intricacies of importing into Australia.