Overseas Presence

We’re large enough to do the job, but small enough to care. 

Shipping is about trust. When you send a consignment overseas to a customer, client or business partner, you need to have complete trust that it will arrive safely, in one piece and on time.

Precision Forwarding is part of a major international network of freight forwarders. Our partners are based throughout the world from South-East Asia, China, New Zealand, the Pacific, Europe, UK, America and throughout the world.

Handpicked and Trusted

Handpicked by us, these partners are working directly in destination/origin countries we ship to/from. This extends our trust, and means that you can have direct contact with your shipment throughout its journey.

By working closely with our trusted overseas partners, we can make sure your shipment clears local Customs and conforms with local regulations.

We can also make use of our partner’s logistics and warehousing network, to reduce your costs and make sure your consignment reaches its destination safely, on time and to budget

No matter where your freight is going to or coming from, we have the network to manage your needs. If you need it shipped we can handle it – anything, anywhere, anytime.